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In our society of constant changes, dominated by instant and fluctuating channels of communication, ideas flow continuously, as if dragged along by the power of fashion, without leaving the slightest trace. Nothing seems stable or permanent. Nothing, not even significant interpersonal relationships, seems deserving of commitment or dedication. It is a soft, weak, gaseous, timid way of thinking that does not venture—because it does not have the confidence—to achieve a common truth that lies beyond the reach of empirical sciences.

RICH Formation

Faced with the temptation of cynicism or disillusionment, nothing is more necessary or invigorating than daring to think, to trust in the human capacity to arrive at those answers that allow us to navigate a liquid society with confidence…and to discover the solid ground that we need to build bridges with others and to undertake the changes that our contemporary world needs.

Solid formation

In a digital environment—replete with massive consumption of useful (and sometimes useless) information, with unnecessary distractions, and with (perhaps addicting) searches for sensory stimulation—we cannot give up on the big questions, dedicating time and effort to answering them. Education should be more than just a means of promoting economic advancement, social justice, or civic participation. A solid education involves reflecting on living a good life.

Dive InD

This is the moment to accept the challenge of being a reflective person, a lover of the truth and of the beauty that open us to the world and to others.

Focus your research on one of these areas:


On Saturday April 3rd, 2021



Alexandre Havard

Alexander Havard is the founder of the Virtuous Leadership System. He was born and raised in Paris, and is a graduate of one of France’s leading law schools (Paris Descartes University). He worked as a lawyer in Europe (Paris, Strasbourg, Helsinki) for many years before discovering his mission to ignite hearts for greatness and work to raise up a new generation of Virtuous Leaders. His books “Virtuous Leadership”, “Created for Greatness” , “From Temperament to Character” and “Free Hearts” have been translated into 20 languages. Alexander Havard cofounded several Virtuous Leadership Institutes around the world.



Michael D. Ryall

Michael Ryall is a Professor of Strategy Magagement at Rotman. As an economist trained in game theory, his primary research interest is the formal theoretical foundations of business strategy. This is a small but rapidly growing research area that uses mathematical models to analyze issues relating to firm performance under competition, organizational learning, and social networks. More recently, his interests have extended into philosophy, with a focus on social ontology and business ethics. His research has been published in the Academy of Management Review, Management Science and The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, among others.



Save the date: April 3, 2021 (Holy Saturday)
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To be a young man in CEGEP or University (age 17 to 27).

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"You can be as leaven in the mass, those who are able to change even the great metropolises, the great cities, the great intellectual centers. You can bring a better future because within human realities everything is accomplished through the person, and it is the person who accomplishes it. Of course if the person is carried by the power of God, in the grace of God, if he walks with Him, he or she is then capable of changing the world. Let the final word of this UNIV be this wish: that you better this world."

- John Paul II, UNIV 1982